Navigating identity through Family.

Book Trailer for Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon. I found this today on my news feed and I couldn’t help but spread the word.

Identity has always fascinated me. In essence, Identity is at the core of how we have experienced life and choose to live our lives, how we view the world and who we are. Our perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and values are driven by our identity and I would argue that for most of us, identity is intrinsically connected to the presence (or absence) of familia. Family as a culture, as an ideology, and as a community.

Our families–particularly for Latinos–have a huge impact on how we develop a sense of self. It can be the strongest affirmation that who you are becoming is a good person. But what happens if our families reject our identity? Isn’t that our basic fear, that our parents won’t accept and celebrate who we really are? We know that not a single person is 100% “normal”, but it’s how we choose to go through our lives that matters. What makes you different is also what makes you special, so you can let it shine and celebrate it or you can live in fear that no one will accept you for who you really are.

“You sort of get what you get and you go from there. And its your choice: If you want to make the best of it, make the best of it. If you want to make the worst of it, throw yourself a pity party”- An Awesome Mom.

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