LGBT Youth Homelessness Infographic

So…It’s been a while. My life has taken multiple twists and turns since I started this blog. I apologize for neglecting all of you! Alas, I am back and with fabulous news.

Since last November, I started a new job that I love! I am working at a technology company called 2U, as an outreach coordinator for a masters in social work program at the University of Southern California. I’m thrilled about this position because it helps me merge my two passions: social justice and social media. I can write about many of the wonderful things I am passionate about: marginalized groups, mental health, community development, policy reform and so much more! So, it’s safe to say my life rocks.

A great example of the ways I get to incorporate my passions into a beautiful social justice/social marketing marriage, here is a lovely masterpiece on LGBT youth homelessness. For more info, I highly recommend you go to this awesome resource on social work licensure.

Preventing the Tragedy of LGBT Youth Homelessness

Via Social Work License Map and MSW@USC


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