Who is Gaby?

Hi, my name is Gaby and I am a proud Latina who happens to love a woman. I started this space to inspire others to be their true selves. Being a sociologist, I believe that systematic oppression is something that we can fight against with the right knowledge and understanding. Social Justice is my passion, and for a very long time, I didn’t allow that to include LGBT rights or Marriage Equality. Sure, I believed in it, but I was silent about my support. I was too afraid to speak up and out about something that impacted my every day life. Why? Because I was worried about how that would negatively impact my family, which now spans more than 13 countries around the world. Familia means everything to me. They are the reason I fight so hard to make a difference in the world, but I allowed myself to believe that by “protecting them” from my truth, that I was helping them. In reality, I was limiting their ability to make a positive example of something many of them fear: love between two people of the same gender. I seek to normalize the experience of being a Latina who loves a woman. Because in all reality, my life is pretty normal. My partner of 7 years and I can now get married in our home state, and that pride has inspired me to share with everyone how much this moment in history means to me. Times are a changing, and I hope you will be on the right side of history.

Gaby currently works as a community manager for the University of Southern California’s online MSW program (also known as the MSW@USC ). She manages the social work blog and social media assets and is tasked with community outreach efforts.  She loves building meaningful communities online by elaborating creative blog content and promoting engaging dialogue.

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