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Join Me TONIGHT 10pm ET 9/7/14 for #SPSM Chat! #NaBloPoMo

Tonight I have the honor of joining @SPSMChat as the guest expert on Suicide Prevention Social Media #SPSM Chat to help kick off National Suicide Prevention Week #NSPW!


These are some of the questions I’ll be answering during the chat:

  • Why are you passionate about raising awareness for suicide prevention?
  • How does #suicideprevention work come into play as a community manager for @MSWatUSC?
  • Why is social media effective in raising awareness?
  • What are some of the most inspirational testimonials you’ve heard?
  • Tell us about your experience using virtual campaigns to raise awareness around #suicideprevention?
  • How can community leaders come together to make a bigger impact on suicide prevention?

Want more details about the chat? Visit the Suicide Prevention Social Media blog.

Get Involed: check out my schedule of #SuicidePrevention week activities.

Hope to see you there & thanks for helping to raise awareness around Suicide Prevention!