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Basking In The Joy Of Marriage Equality. #NaBloPoMo

I’m six days behind, but it’s time to Kick off #NaBloPoMo, also known as “National Blog Posting Month”!In this episode of #NaBloPoMo I’m going to talk about what it feels like to get your marriage license as an LGBT couple. Hint: It feels pretty great.

I meant to get started with daily blogging this past week but let me tell ya, there is A LOT going on right now: launching an early-intervention campaign, a suicide prevention project and not to mention that we’re in the home stretch in planning the wedding. Jenelle and I got engaged last September, only one short year after marriage equality was officially passed in our state. Now that the wedding quickly approaches, we went down to the court house this past week to get our marriage license. The whole experience was a bit surreal.

J & G get MarriageLicense

I am feeling very blessed to be able to marry the love of my life. Eight years ago when we started dating we joked about “some day,” yet the possibility of two women getting legally married didn’t seem in the cards. As of today, it’s been less than two years that we’ve had the privilege in our state to marry and it feels pretty significant that we could simply walk into the court house and get a marriage license. In less than one month it will be official and it feels bigger than ourselves. So thankful for living in the day in age that we do and can’t help but bask in this moment.

It was one of those moments where all of the things we have to do for the wedding fell away, and we could actually sit and take it in. This is real and we couldn’t be happier.

I also want to give a shout out to all of our friends and family who love us and support us. We are so incredibly lucky to have all of you in our lives and it means the world every time you are there for us. Gracias y los quiero mucho!

Why Ellen Is My Shero #WomenInspire

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USC’s Women Inspire Campaign

In honor of Women’s History Month, USC School of Social Work is hosting a blog carnival focused on the women who inspire us to create change in our community. I think this is an awesome time for me to spread some love for someone who has won the hearts of many: my girl, Ellen.

Not only is Ellen Degeneres hilarious, down to earth, and a fabulous daytime talk show host, but she is also a role model for so many LGBT people. Her coming out story was monumental–she was one of the first people in the public sphere to be openly gay and make it totally OK. Her charisma and big heart make her feel so accessible and down to earth. As my Fiancee JJ always says, “She doesn’t know it yet, but we are totally friends.”

Here are 3 Reasons Why Ellen Is My Shero

Ellen supports the Trevor Project
As you may know, last September I launched a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Campaign through USC School of Social Work because it was an issue very near and dear to my heart. Bullying of LGBT or “perceived” gay students has reached a breaking point in the last five years. A series of LGBT suicides caused the world to take a action against bullying and consider the importance of addressing LGBT youth mental health. The Trevor Project is one of the many great organizations working to prevent LGBT suicide & Ellen made it clear that she fully supports their efforts.

Ellen’s “haters are her motivators”
When JC Penney announced that Ellen would be their spokesperson, 1 Million Moms got all upset because she is gay. This was her awesome response:

She is an advocate for change on a Macro/ legislative level
She sent an AMAZING, funny, and poignant letter to the Supreme Court judges to allow gay people to marry.:

Portia and I have been married for 4 years and they have been the happiest of my life. And in those 4 years, I don’t think we hurt anyone else’s marriage. I asked all of my neighbors and they say they’re fine.

Coming out was one of the hardest things I ever did. I didn’t intend to be on the cover of Time magazine saying, “Yep, I’m gay.” The truth is, I don’t even remember saying that. I mean, I definitely said the “I’m gay” part. It’s the “yep” I don’t remember. I’m not really a “yep” person. “Yes siree Bob” maybe. But not “yep.”

Thank you Ellen, for being you! You are my shero.
Ellen Degeneres is My Shero

I’m celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by blogging for the #WomenInspire Campaign sponsored by USC’s masters degree in social work program. Join the blog carnival to honor a woman who has inspired you!

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Stand For Marriage Equality Today!

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Today, stand in solidarity with all families, regardless of who they love. Sign your name to the Human Rights Campaign to say you will stand for marriage equality.

What you can do today:

Wear Red, & save the image below and make it your facebook profile picture:

LGBT Youth Homelessness Infographic

So…It’s been a while. My life has taken multiple twists and turns since I started this blog. I apologize for neglecting all of you! Alas, I am back and with fabulous news.

Since last November, I started a new job that I love! I am working at a technology company called 2U, as an outreach coordinator for a masters in social work program at the University of Southern California. I’m thrilled about this position because it helps me merge my two passions: social justice and social media. I can write about many of the wonderful things I am passionate about: marginalized groups, mental health, community development, policy reform and so much more! So, it’s safe to say my life rocks.

A great example of the ways I get to incorporate my passions into a beautiful social justice/social marketing marriage, here is a lovely masterpiece on LGBT youth homelessness. For more info, I highly recommend you go to this awesome resource on social work licensure.

Preventing the Tragedy of LGBT Youth Homelessness

Via Social Work License Map and MSW@USC